~ : About Me : ~


Writing about others is difficult, but writing about one’s own self is even more difficult. Though I am an authoritative source to talk about myself, I find my pen taking frequent pauses on self-portrait.

Well, this is a good platform where I can share my ideas and invite others to share with me theirs.

I am an Assistant Professor of English in S.D.Arts and B.R. Commerce College, Mansa, Gujarat, India.

I am thirty nine. They say, ‘life begins at forty’. Yet I have plucked fruits of life and converted them into literary pieces. I write poems and short stories in Gujarati and English.

This website is developed to share my poems, short stories and papers with visitors from all corners of the world. I would invite responses of visitors too.

I love life, I love people. I love nature and creativity, teaching and exchange
of ideas.